Membership Purchase Success

Congratulations, you've successfully purchased the membership plan! You can now access your program(s) on this website.


Step 1) Create your customer account for the Nathanael Morton website.

- Now that you have signed up, you will need to create an account with a Login and Password to view the programs. Please use the same email that you used to pay for the program(s). You can do create your Login and Password HERE

Step 2) Log in and view your program(s).

- After creating your account, log into the website to view the program(s) that you just purchased. To view the program(s) that you purchased, go to, then click 'Members Programs', then choose the program that you want to view. (REMEMBER: You must create an account first and be logged in to be able to view the program).

Step 3) Email Nathanael if you have any issues.

- You shouldn't have any issues, but if you do, feel free to email Nathanael at

Step 4) Accept the invite to the mobile app.

- Nathanael will send you an invite to the mobile app 'Train Heroic'. This is where you will have access to your program(s) via the mobile app, and also where you will have access to the group message if you have any questions about the program(s).

VERY IMPORTANT: Once you accept the invite to the mobile app, please send a message to the group introducing yourself and explaining your goals for the program (We are a family and we take this seriously! You will be welcomed immediately.)

Thanks for taking action and committing to the process.

Let's get to work!