Membership Purchase Success

Congratulations, you've successfully purchased the membership plan! You now have access to ALL of the programs on this website, online coaching, and the mobile app 'TrainHeroic'.

(Keep in mind that you will not have access to the "Members Programs" until you create an account with the email that was just sent to you! If you do not receive an email within 2-3 minutes, please go ahead and create an account on the website with the email that you just used to sign up for the memberships)


Step 1) Create your customer account for the Nathanael Morton website (an email will be sent to you shortly).

Step 2) Until you receive that email, download the app 'TrainHeroic' from the app store.

- For iPhone, download the app HERE

- For Android, download the app HERE

- Or, visit the app store and search for "TrainHeroic".

Step 3) Create an account on the TrainHeroic app.

Step 4) Gain access to my programs.

- Open the Train Heroic app and click the circle with your initials on the bottom right of the Menu Bar.

- Click the 'Settings' gear icon in the top right and choose 'My Training'

- Click where it says "Enter Access Code" - The code is: SETUP

- Go back to the main page and find "Messages" on the bottom menu in the middle.

- Message Nathanael on the app and let him know which program you would like!

Thanks, and let's work!