Frequently Asked Questions!

 FAQ: How much should I be able to squat to dunk a basketball?


FAQ: I took a week off and my vertical jump went down. Why is that?


FAQ: I have knee pain from playing basketball. How do I fix it?


FAQ: Is stretching really that important for athletes?


FAQ: Can I do plyometrics every single day?


FAQ: What is the best training split for athletes?


FAQ: How do I fix tight hips?


FAQ: Can I still workout if I'm sore?


FAQ: How do I know if I'm overtraining?


FAQ: I can squat heavy but I still can't jump high. What's the problem?


FAQ: What are some healthy snacks that athletes can eat?


FAQ: What should I eat before and after a workout?


FAQ: How often should I train my core?


FAQ: How important is upper body when it comes to jumping higher?


FAQ: What is a good upper body workout that I can do with weights?


FAQ: I have weak ankles. How do I fix that?


FAQ: Do I NEED to squat to increase my vertical?


FAQ: Can I do plyometrics while holding weights for better results?


FAQ: At what age can I start lifting weights?


FAQ: What is the best morning routine for athletes?


FAQ: I am a two foot jumper. Should I practice my one foot jumping (or vice versa)?


FAQ: How often should I do plyometrics?


FAQ: Is it possible to fix jumpers knee while still playing basketball?


FAQ: Do I need to train my lower back to get a higher vertical jump?


FAQ: Can we do the same workout every time for vertical jump or should we do different exercises each time?


FAQ: I'm not sore after my workouts. Does that mean it's not working?


FAQ: What is the best time to go to sleep and wake up?


FAQ: I have sore knees in the morning. How do I fix it?


FAQ: How much rest between sets and exercises?


FAQ: How much sleep do athletes need each night?


FAQ: Do I NEED to do strength training or can I just do plyometrics?


FAQ: Can you train vertical jump every single day?


FAQ: When is the best time to test your vertical jump?


FAQ: Can I play basketball on days that I workout my legs?


FAQ: Can we do knee strengthening exercises on rest days to make our knees stronger?